• Made energy upgrades to your home?

    Support neighbors in doing the same!

    Become a Peterborough Energy Ally!

    Are you looking to level-up your electrification knowledge so that you can confidently persuade others to make the switch?


    Do you want to help your friends, family, and community electrify their homes?


    Do you want to create an abundant future that isn’t powered by dirty fossil-fuels?


    A free Electric Coach certification program is here to help!


    Attend a free, four-week course by Rewiring America that equips you to confidently help neighbors transition to clean energy.


    As an Electric Coach, you'll gain invaluable knowledge in home electrification and play a pivotal role in accelerating the transition to greener homes and businesses. All are welcome—no prior experience required!

  • How to apply:

    1. The next cohort for the training will take place start May 23. Apply through Rewiring America's Electric Coaching portal here. More sessions are to come!


    2. Email us at info@prepnh.org where we'll support your application to the cohort and add you to the PREP's local coaching program.