• Can 100% Renewable Save Money?

    If we plan ahead and think carefully about our energy choices, we can reach our 2050 goal while saving money, improving our lives, and preserving a livable planet. This site has information and guidance to help you find your own path path to sustainable independence. Below are some ways to get started right now! Whether you are a building owner or a renter, these are things you can do move towards the goal of 100% clean and renewable energy. For a more complete description of these options and other ideas, browse through our website. Visit our Funding Your Projects page to learn about financial incentives that might be available to you. And consider applying for a free energy audit from NH Saves or talk to our partner Blocpower heat pump installation.

  • What You Can Do Now

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    Purchase Electricity Fueled by Renewables

    Buy Renewable Electricity for less through Peterborough's Community Power plan.

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    Make Your Home Energy Efficient with NH Saves

    The cheapest energy is the energy you don't use! Have your home assessed for energy efficiency. Apply to BlocPower to see if you qualify for a free assessment or get an assessment from NH Saves!

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    Purchase an Electric or Hybrid Vehicle

    Over 30 new Electric Vehicles were released in the U.S this year and the big IRA Tax Credits make this is a great time to to go EV!

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    Modernize Your Heating & Cooling

    ​As your current heating and cooling systems age, plan for 100% renewable replacements.