• Phase 1 Priorities

    These are some of the actions included in the Plan that we are currently working on. We will be adding more Phase 1 actions that we plan to complete by 2030 as we move forward.

    Implementation and Cross Cutting Actions

    The first few years after plan adoption are critical to its success. Establishing roles and identifying funding during this phase will ensure the community is on track to achieve its goals. However, successful implementation of Peterborough's Plan will require the support and commitment of Peterborough residents and businesses.


    Hiring an Energy Coordinator

    Consistent with the Plan's Action CC 1-1, one of our first steps is to hire a Community and Energy Coordinator to oversee a pilot project to convert buildings to use heat pumps and be the primary interface between the town administration, citizens, and the Peterborough Renewable EnergyProject. A job description for a planner and energy coordinator has been published for a job with the Planning Department of the Town of Peterborough


    One-stop Website for Guidance Supporting Renewable Energy Here

    Consistent with the Plan's Action CC 2-3, we are developing this website to provide guidance on how Peterborough citizens and businesses can help to achieve PREP goals. We will continue to add guidance to this website as the information becomes available.


    Renewable Electricity Purchasing

    Consistent with the Plan's Action E 1-1, we are promoting the Town's Community Power Plan, which provides multiple options for using renewably generated electric power. In 2022, the Peterborough voters adopted a Community Power Plan at Town Meeting. We are now putting that plan into action to create short- andlong-term benefits for our energy users. See the Peterborough Community Power website as a way to purchase electric power that is more renewable and/orless expensive than power offered by regulated utilities.

    Net Zero Energy Housing Construction

    Consistent with the Plan's Action E 1-1 and E 1-2, we are in the process of developing a Net Zero Energy Housing Guide. Consistent with the Plan's Action E 1-2, we are working to create local training programs to train a workforce skilled in the design and construction of Net Zero Energy housing. Our goal is to Increase adoption of high performance building construction technology, achieving 0.5% Net Zero households and commercial properties by 2030.

    Energy Audit Program

    Consistent with the Plan's Action CC 6-1, we are publicizing the support for energy audits by the NHSaves public-private partnership and by our local electricity deliverer utility Eversource. For more ambitious heating and cooling projects, we are working with Blocpower.


    Heating and Cooling

    Change Heating Systems to Use Low Emission Fuels


    Consistent with the Plan's Action H 1-1, we are encouraging residential and commercial building owners to switch their nonrenewable energy systems. The Town of Peterborough has entered into a partnership with Blocpower to conduct pilot project that will upgrade some of the town’s building stock to more comfortable, energy efficient and all-electric heating and cooling systems.


    Blocpower is a a national climate tech company focused on decarbonizing agingbuildings. The pilot program will focus on the electrification of 10-15 buildings by June 30, 2024. Blocpower can help you assess your energy needs, obtain financial support, and manage your heating and cooling project to completion. Sign up to see if you can be part of this initial project at their website for Peterborough.

  • The Plan

    The Plan has been fleshed out and is now in its final form for you to read. It was approved by the Peterborough Select Board at their meeting on December 20, 2022. We will begin implementing the plan in January 2023, starting with setting priorities among the many actions recommended in the plan. We continue to welcome feedback from all in Peterborough.


    If you are interested in being involved in any aspect of enacting the plan, please let us know using the contact form

    on this website.

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    Peterborough's commitment to renewable energy.

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    Implementation and Cross-Cutting Actions

    Providing the technical and financial support and the energy efficiency improvements that will help all sectors of the plan to succeed.

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    Getting to 100% renewably sourced electricity by 2030.

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    Helping residents and businesses convert from fossil fuel heating and cooling to renewable energy by 2050.

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    Transportation and Land Use

    By 2050, getting from place to place without relying on fossil fuels.

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    Supporting research and documents and glossary of terms.