• Electricity

    Electric energy use is a major contributor to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The Electricity sector includes all residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Greenhouse gas emissions from this sector come from indirect emissions – from fossil fuels burned off-site in order to supply that building with electricity. Purchasing 100% renewable energy through Peterborough's Community Power Plan or generating your own renewable energy from solar panels are options you can choose to help our town reach its goals.

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  • Renewable Electricity Choices

    In Peterborough, you have 2 ways to choose a renewable electricity provider. In each case you choose who will be your provider (or in the case of Peterborough Community Power, they will be choosing for you and all other members to get you the best discount) but Eversource will continue to deliver your energy and you will still be billed by them.

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  • Produce Your Own Renewable Electricity

    Many towns are helping residents make the switch to solar by ignoring solar arrays when calculating property taxes on their homes. Check with your town to see if there is a property tax exemption for solar panels. If it doesn't, we can help you get the exemption process started in your town. Contact us at info@prepnh.org.