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By Joel Huberman, Co-chair, Peterborough Community Power Committee

Eversource electricity customers are currently paying a high rate. Fortunately for Peterborough residents, when Peterborough Community Power (PCP) launches near the end of April, you will automatically be switched from Eversource to PCP. And your rates will be lower, too.

Another way some could get lower rates would be to sign a contract with a “competitive energy supplier”(CES). I recommend reading the details of any contract before signing, including possible penalties if you choose to exit the CES before the contract period has ended. With a CES, you’ll get a guaranteed rate for a specified length of time. After that, you’ll need to keep an eye on their rate compared to the Eversourcerates, because, when Eversource renews its offering once every six months, if market conditions are favorable, its rate may prove to be lower than the CES rate.

Peterborough Community Power will also change rates every six months with the intention of always offering a rate lower than Eversource’s. PCP will employ a flexible, continuously adjusted electricity purchase process, plus a reserve fund, to ensure that PCPcustomers will always be getting a good deal.

If you are currently under contract to a CES, check out PCP rates at the time your renewal is coming up. You can switch to PCP with a simple phone call or website visit.There will never be any penalty for switching to or from PCP. Look for information about this, and about an upcoming info session, in your mail as PCP gets closer to launch.