Is Your Boiler or Furnace Aging?

Consider a cold climate heat pump!

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Is your boiler or furnace aging? Then consider replacing it with a highly efficient cold-climate heat pump that will not only heat your home in the winter but cool it in the summer. The Town has partnered with BlocPower, a company with experience all over the country managing heat pump installations paired with energy audits and weatherization for greater energy efficiency. They work with vetted local contractors, check their work, and provide financing if you want it. Furthermore, beginning in January, get a $200 rebate in addition to any tax credit or other incentive for which you qualify.

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You will be contacted to set up a meeting to learn your goals and to begin the process of determining the scope and cost of work on your house or other building. Until a contract is signed, you are free to opt out at any point and at no cost.

Thanks for helping Peterborough progress toward its goals for efficient and comprehensive use of renewable energy.